Global Sourcing Connection is a certified woman-owned (WBENC) and industry leading promotional products distributor with factory direct capabilities. Experts in brand awareness and committed to the highest level of customer service and on time delivery. We combine innovation, creativity and functionality while exceeding your expectations but not your budget.



Global Sourcing Connection buys directly from overseas factories and bypasses conventional levels of distribution. That translates into savings for our customers by eliminating the middleman!

Products and Services


Promotional Products

Our innovative promotional products are the perfect way to highlight your brand and increase your business. Click here for more.

Custom E-Stores

Gloso provides its customers state of the art online merchandise stores with full customization in looks and functionality.

Direct Importing

We buy directly from overseas factories and bypass conventional levels of distribution. That translates into savings for our customers!

Creative Services

Our experienced and talented in-house designers provide high quality and value through our creative design process.

Worldwide Logistics

Whether it’s to the U.S., Canada, Asia, South America or Europe, we can get your products where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Experienced Customer Service

Our mission is not only to provide you with a quality product, but also with quality service and complete satisfaction.



  • • Factory direct overseas pricing and domestic terms
    on apparel, headwear and promotional items
  • • Certified Woman Owned business (WBENC member)
  • • Quality control and inspection on every order

  • • 100% quality guarantee
  • • Custom design and virtual artwork support at no cost
  • • Overseas factories audited for social compliance
  • • Well versed in CPSIA, HR 4040, Prop 65 and FDA requirements




One of Global Sourcing Connection’s greatest strengths is innovative custom design work that helps enhance and promote our customers’ brands. This is not just adding a logo to an existing product, but creating something truly unique and distinctive for each client. Shown below are a few of the many projects that Global Sourcing Connection has done over the years that demonstrate its extensive innovative capabilities.



The Chicago Cubs

This fully custom poly resin coin bank, produced exclusively for the Chicago Cubs, demonstrates Global Sourcing Connection’s expertise in product development and design. Upon receiving the project, Gloso realized that it was presented with the unique opportunity to create an item that was representative of an iconic figure. From this came the Ernie Banks Bank, which was used to commemorate the unveiling of the Ernie Banks statue currently standing outside of Wrigley Field.




To promote safety at DuPont®, Global Sourcing Connection took our premium 20oz. heavy duty ceramic diner’s mug and created custom tooling for a twist-close safety lid to prevent spills and burns from hot liquid. Gloso is always looking for ways to create a safer working environment to protect our clients and their employees.



International Restaurant Chain and a Major Movie Studio

A major movie studio and an international restaurant chain teamed up to create a joint marketing campaign for the release of Shrek™. Gloso was asked to provide innovative ideas for the Shrek™ cross-promotion. The specific task was to create an item that would engage the crew members and create an exciting atmosphere in the restaurants, while maintaining the high quality and safety standards required by both of these companies.

The item selected for the promotion was a baseball cap customized with antennae replicating the unique look of the Shrek™ character for employees to wear in the restaurants and for use at press events. All details of this cap had to mirror the color, shape, and proportion of the character himself. Gloso devised a special construction that allowed the antennae to reach the required angle without the use of wires or springs, therefore, making the product child-safe.

The final product was provided not only to the US market, but also to international locations including Malta and Greece. Our logistical expertise was called upon to facilitate delivery of the caps on-time and within budget to all markets. The promotion was such a huge success for both companies that the caps were updated to promote the Shrek™ sequels.



Major Agricultural Company

Gloso was presented the opportunity to redesign and update DuPont’s Tyvek® umbrella. Gloso was able to have the Tyvek® material dyed to match the DuPont™ Tyvek® blue. This material was used for the alternating blue panels and protective sleeve. This is a completely custom engineered product, currently being sold on



Major Agricultural Company

Global Sourcing Connection had the opportunity to work a major agricultural company's 2010 Customer Appreciation Gift Program. After a rigorous process of item and vendor selection, the project was awarded to Gloso due to their strategic sourcing and innovative item suggestions.

The client wanted a cost-effective solution with a high perceived value that would have a practical application for their customers. Weather stations, rechargeable lamps, working knives and various tools were among the Gloso recommendations. A limited edition folding knife was the final selection. From the high-grade stainless steel, to the imported Amboyna wood handle, intensive research was done to make sure the very best components were used in the product.

After multiple prototypes, extensive fine-tuning and a closely monitored production process, the final product was a limited edition work of art that became one of the most successful client programs to date.



Major Agricultural Company

The client selected Global Sourcing Connection’s custom designed mechanics glove for their 2012 Customer Appreciation Gift Program. Gloso proposed utilizing both DuPont™Kevlar® and Teflon® products to create an innovative cross-marketing opportunity for their client. Gloso purchased over 50 kilograms of Teflon® and 12,000 yards of Kevlar® from DuPont® for this project. According to the client, this glove helped reduce hand injuries by over 22%.



Major Agricultural Company

Global Sourcing Connection was called upon to improve the headwear provided to detasseling field workers. Issues with the headwear included inadequate protection from razor- sharp corn leaves, netting that impeded vision and hat material too hot for summer conditions.

After thorough examination of the previous model and all other alternative options, Gloso used its technical, logistical, and design expertise to produce an innovative product that addressed all concerns. Heavy duty PVC/Fiberglass Bettervue® screen material, resistant to tearing and cutting, was sourced in the US and exported to our China production facility. The screen attachment was relocated to prevent blowback and allow adequate margin between the screen and the face. Moisture wicking and mesh materials were used to keep the workers cool and comfortable. The client has estimated that these improvements reduced injuries to the eyes and face by over 70%.

This new line of safety headwear was so profoundly different from anything previously available that Gloso received patents on these products in the US, Hong Kong, China, and Switzerland. This enables us to provide the very best product at the most competitive pricing to the customer.



International Restaurant Chain

A Gloso client was looking for a collector’s item to be used in corporate offices, but tasked Gloso with developing something out of the ordinary rather than just adding their logo to a common product. The Gloso team collaborated with the client’s marketing department to identify their most iconic symbols, and create a solution to effectively market their brand in a fun and unexpected way.


Company PunchOut Ordering System

Major Agricultural Company

Develop a PunchOut website that would be integrated with the client's corporate procurement system, enabling its purchasing agents to execute orders for promotional merchandise without requiring them to create items internally or write purchase orders.

This PunchOut Ordering System is a customized storefront consisting of approved merchandise that is housed directly on the client's company intranet. Through the use of a single sign-on configuration, the ordering system is accessible via a dedicated icon on the corporate home page. This removes the need for employees to login to multiple applications and provides a streamlined user interface. Once a customer has entered the store, they receive a completely unique user experience. This includes a fully developed product catalog, personalization software allowing for goods to be customized, real-time inventory levels, high-resolution item imagery, and more. The storefront itself is fully integrated with the customer’s procurement system, removing the need for the end user to enter any product information internally. Once a user has selected their items, back-end technology allows for the cart to be routed to the procurement department for approval and then submitted back to Global Sourcing Connection in the form of a purchase order. As soon as the purchase order is received in an electronic format, the file is then re-routed to a warehouse for fulfillment in a matter of minutes, allowing for same-day turnaround on most orders.



Adaptive Design
With the ever growing use of mobile devices and tablets, we understand the importance of configuring a site to format to the proper screen dimensions as well as function properly in the palm of your hand.
Real-time Inventory
For any satisfactory online shopping experience, it is important to know which items are in-stock. Our real-time inventory management system helps reduce customer queries and creates an expedited checkout process.
Analytics and Tracking
We track everything. Through advanced analytical measurement, we can gauge how our customers interact with the site and, in turn, create the easiest and most efficient user experience.
Key Supplier Integrations
To streamline the order process and provide a wider selection of items, we have chosen to directly integrate our system with a select group of suppliers. This creates shorter lead times and a more automated process.
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