These Promotional Source Items Are Better for the Planet

Single-use items are often seen as bad for the environment because they end up in the trash. This is especially true when you think about the endless possibilities of how to recycle or upcycle them to create a better environment for everyone to live in. It is good that around 85 percent of consumers today have focused on sustainability in the past few years. This will also affect how they interact with promotional source items such as giveaways and other freebies from events.

So instead of getting the usual promo items, here are some planet-friendlier alternatives:

Bamboo Bottles

With so many water bottles ending up in landfills (up to 80 percent), these bamboo water bottles are a great sustainable alternative. They look more sophisticated than plastic and help bring down the amount of waste in landfills. And, if you throw them away, they’ll decompose naturally or make a great firewood buffer!

Biodegradable Pens

Why not pick one off the ground when you can’t find a pen? Regular plastic pens will last thousands of years, even after disposal, and you can find 1.6 billion of them lying around yearly, too. That’s how much is thrown out annually per the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

So why not get biodegradable pens instead? Once you’re finished using it and it’s out of ink, there’s no need to throw it away and add it to landfills! These biodegradable pens are made with corn plastic and will decompose without harming the environment. Ensure your promotional source specifically offers the corn plastic variety.

Cotton Totes

Organic cotton is more environmentally friendly than regular cotton because it is not treated with chemicals.

Reusable tote bags are often criticized for being unsustainable, but they are more sustainable than plastic bags. Plastic bags can decompose in landfills for up to 1,000 years, whereas reusable tote bags can be used multiple times. These organic cotton tote bags are perfect for trade shows or grocery stores.

Jute Coaster Set

Jute is a vegetable fiber used to make many sustainable products such as clothes, towels, rugs, curtains, and even tote bags!

Instead of getting plastic or other similarly-made coasters, why not make them jute? They’re perfect for small gifts or party favors, with some sets including three natural wood coasters housed inside a tiny jute bag. Jute is a sustainable material that only takes two to three months to degrade completely. You’re not harming the planet even if you don’t want the bag.

Sunflower Oil Lip Balm

Lip balm is one of those products we use regularly but often don’t think much about. But what exactly are we putting on our lips when we use lip balm? Most lip balms contain various chemicals, some of which may be harmful. Many people are now choosing cosmetics made with natural ingredients, like sunflower oil.

The organic beauty industry is growing rapidly and is expected to reach over $20 billion by 2024. So next time you reach for your lip balm, take a moment to consider what’s in it and whether it’s something you want to put on your lips!

In Closing

The things we buy affect the environment, both good and bad. If we want to help the planet, we should try to buy environmentally friendly things. It won’t fix everything, but it’s a start, like finding the right promotional source.

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