Company PunchOut Ordering System

Client: Major Agricultural Company

Develop a PunchOut website that would be integrated with the client’s corporate procurement system, enabling its purchasing agents to execute orders for promotional merchandise without requiring them to create items internally or write purchase orders.

This PunchOut Ordering System is a customized storefront consisting of approved merchandise that is housed directly on the client’s company intranet. Through the use of a single sign-on configuration, the ordering system is accessible via a dedicated icon on the corporate home page. This removes the need for employees to login to multiple applications and provides a streamlined user interface. Once a customer has entered the store, they receive a completely unique user experience. This includes a fully developed product catalog, personalization software allowing for goods to be customized, real-time inventory levels, high-resolution item imagery, and more.

The storefront itself is fully integrated with the customer’s procurement system, removing the need for the end user to enter any product information internally. Once a user has selected their items, back-end technology allows for the cart to be routed to the procurement department for approval and then submitted back to Global Sourcing Connection in the form of a purchase order. As soon as the purchase order is received in an electronic format, the file is then re-routed to a warehouse for fulfillment in a matter of minutes, allowing for same-day turnaround on most orders.

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