Patented Detasseling Safety Headwear


Client: Major Agricultural Company

Global Sourcing Connection was called upon to improve the headwear provided to detasseling field workers. Issues with the headwear included inadequate protection from razor- sharp corn leaves, netting that impeded vision and hat material too hot for summer conditions.

After thorough examination of the previous model and all other alternative options, Gloso used its technical, logistical, and design expertise to produce an innovative product that addressed all concerns. Heavy duty PVC/Fiberglass Bettervue® screen material, resistant to tearing and cutting, was sourced in the US and exported to our China production facility. The screen attachment was relocated to prevent blowback and allow adequate margin between the screen and the face. Moisture wicking and mesh materials were used to keep the workers cool and comfortable. The client has estimated that these improvements reduced injuries to the eyes and face by over 70%.

This new line of safety headwear was so profoundly different from anything previously available that Gloso received patents on these products in the US, Hong Kong, China, and Switzerland. This enables us to provide the very best product at the most competitive pricing to the customer.

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